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This is What is Wrong With the World Today

lazy feminist

It was this comment that I read on reddit. This comment sums up everything wrong with young people and the world today. They have few interests beyond sitting at a computer snarking away at inane posts and pictures. The quote below was written by a user who wrote it yesterday and I had to scroll past about 400 comments that she made to find it again. Looking at her history, she has made over 30 comments in this hour alone.


I do consider myself a feminist, and that includes believing that every woman has a right to choose the actions and lifestyle she wants without being told what she should or should not do.

I am a very lazy person, and that makes it hard for me when it comes to most things feminine, because being traditionally feminine requires so much effort: I don’t cook anything from a recipe, I never bake, I don’t wear make-up, I don’t decorate, I don’t knit or sew or do crafts, I put minimal effort into my outfits, and I dislike shopping with a passion. However, I don’t really have any traditionally masculine interests, either – I can’t be bothered about sports, I don’t play videogames, I don’t read comic books, I don’t hunt/shoot etc etc.
I am interested in some of these things, I have a passing knowledge of many of them, but I don’t really care very much. Because of this I sometimes find it hard to converse with women on either end of the spectrum (and with men, sometimes) because I am rarely passionate about the things they are passionate about.

Are there other ladies here like me? If so, do you, like me, wonder about your identity as a woman when you don’t really fit any socially defined moulds? Where, or with whom, do you have the hardest time fitting in? How do you deal with any of this?

The Manosphere Is Lost: Explained

Rooshosphere by TempestTcup

I was having trouble keeping up with Roosh’s sphere position, so I made a handy chart for those who are visual learners. I guess everyone outside of the Rooshosphere are just plain old Manosphere or are Red Pill. Of course Ace predicted the splintering of the sphere into fiefdoms. Let me know if I have anything out of place & I’ll fix it!

Be Nice – Just Be Yourself


Have you ever wondered why your mother, sisters, cousins, and the chick that has friend-zoned you told you to be nice & just be yourself? I do. It’s because they have no desire to be attracted to you & they want you to be nice TO THEM & just be yourself TO THEM.

They really have no use for a son, brother, cousin who calls them out on their bad behavior & refuses to kowtow to their every whim. They need someone to help them move, run errands for them, and buy them stuff. They need you to listen to their complaints. They need you to unclog their drains.

The girls who friend-zone you & tell you that you will make some (other) girl a great boyfriend? They want you to be nice & just be yourself so that they can cry on your shoulder when their bad boy doesn’t call or dumps them. They want your male opinion on how to make their bad boy keep calling.

Besides, if you were to wise up, quit being nice & start being a better version of yourself, you would be too busy dating or spending time with a girlfriend to cater to all of the women in your life that you are not having sex with.

As the Hamster Spins


We were doing our usual Thursday thing, getting burgers (sans bun for me) & a beer at the bar & there was this loud chick next to my husband. She was really loud & plenty sassy, like those 40s Dames with their fast talking ways. She was talking to the bartender about OK Cupid. She had a date the other night with a guy from there & was very disappointed.

“He was only three apples tall & weighed about a buck forty!” She screeched.

“So, he was short & thin?” asked the bartender.

“I even checked the doorknob on his profile picture & it was at his hip, so it made him look tall.”

“Ah, the old fake doorknob trick.”    (did I mention that the bartender had a dry sense of humor?)

“My profile plainly states that 5’6” is my absolute minimum & he was only about 5’3” or 5’4”.”

“That’s terrible, how tall are you?”


“So he is still taller than you.”

“But he was so skinny! I need muscles!”

Now, let’s take a moment to get a good gander at the scene. This chick is in her early thirties & is as big around as she is tall. She is loud & brassy & is wearing scrubs. The bartender asked her if she was a nurse & she replied that she just wore scrubs because they were comfortable. See: elastic waistband. Scrubs are the professional version of sweatpants, evidently.

The bartender, on the other hand, is a good looking guy; he’s almost 6’ tall, athletic, graying at the temples, about 45. He is very charming & has this wicked, subtle sense of humor. We’ve known him forever.

“Oh, you need a guy who works out” the bartender says, understandingly.

“Well, he just wasn’t what I was looking for. I’d date you, though; are you on OK Cupid?”

“No, no, I have a girlfriend.”

“Really, how old is she?”