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My Boring but Hectic Life

I’ve been really busy lately trying to get stuff done before winter hits. I’m also catching up on work since taking off for 10 days a couple of weeks ago. Plus, I think that I killed off some vital brain cells during Vegas, and I’m pretty sure they aren’t going to come back. My husband also keeps me very busy partying and visiting bars. Let’s see, I think I’ve listed all my excuses for not posting: busy, no brain, bars. Yep. That’s about it.

Dr. Illusion & Mistress are coming up for the big gun show this weekend and maybe other people, too, so that is also keeping me busy. The plan was to get some cheap rooms downtown and Scorched Earth the downtown area, but since the huge building boom and all the new bars and restaurants that opened, downtown is packed to the gills, and it is now expensive to get a room if there are any available.

I’m now rooting for everyone to stay at my teeny-tiny house (warning: construction zone, lol) and we can buy some air mattresses or something. We can dig a fire pit in our empty lot and scare the neighbors [Edit: husband says no firepit 😦 ]. We are just a mile from everything, and could easily take a taxi to destroy downtown. Just another option to renting two or three $150 a night rooms for a couple of nights. I’m a cheap date. I’m also fine with getting rooms if we actually can. We might camp out!

It’s weird, adjusting to the changing seasons. I haven’t figured out how to ferment in the cold, and I’m reluctant to heat the house up to summer temperatures. I thought about building a box that I could heat and ferment in, but that sounds like a pain and where would I put it? Maybe I could empty out a cabinet or something. I’m probably going to give up on it until next summer when the temp is hot again. By then I should have a special fermenting station on my back porch, which we are in the process of enclosing.

Instead, I’ve been slow cooking large chunks of meat and making tons of bone broth. We just finished up a huge rack of pork ribs, and then the bones went into the crockpot with a splash of vinegar to make some bone broth. I haven’t dragged another chunk of meat out of the deep freeze yet, but maybe I will tonight. Maybe I’ll grab a nice roast to cook in Guinness with onions and carrots. I’ve been skipping breakfast and lunch and living off of raw heavy cream in my coffee for breakfast, broth for lunch and a normal dinner.

Oh, and I also have been buying a bunch of books, and I may do some reviews soon. So far I have the Mindful Attraction Plan and Enjoy the Decline, but I have a bunch of others bookmarked to buy.


I’ve been so busy lately, I mean sure, I still have time to hold down a barstool, but there is a lot going on right now. We had a storm a while back and the neighbor’s tree took down their crappy make-do fence and is now laying in our yard. Have they done anything to remove it? Yes, they cut down two more and left them in our yard.

These are super crappy neighbors. Anyway, it is pretty much up to us to fix this mess because there ain’t no blood in them there turnips. We could get shitty (like them), but we decided to make lemonade instead. When we moved into this house, they already had haphazardly strung a fence between some trees (the ones that are now down plus another one – we live in the old part of town and it is pretty ramshackle); we have been trying to figure out how to build a real fence.

They have about 500 tiny dogs and the most obnoxious Collie in the world, so it was going to be difficult to get a fence built, plus the fact that they were going to fight us every inch of the way. Now that it’s war, we have decided that we are going to work our way from the back to front, take down all of the trees (and stack the wood for our wood stove; Hello Winter!), clean out all of the brush and erect the tallest fence that we legally can. I’m thinking something nice like 8’ corrugated tin, lol.

We’ve also been pouring a patio section by section and we only have one final section to go. My husband mixes and I finish; it’s really good exercise (ouch). We had roofed our back porch last fall, and it already had a wall around it, so we are planning on installing some windows and effectively adding 250 square feet on to our house. This may have to happen after Vegas in October.

A month ago or so, I started being a moderator at RedPillWoman subreddit and that took up a lot of time for a little while. Now I’m actively involved with Girls Being Girls and that is taking up some of my time, and of course this blog here that has taken a back seat to my other pursuits. There are also all of my little experiments that are always running in the background.

Tonight I was planning on straining my latest batch of rice beer and fortuitously a commenter just this morning informed me that in Nepal they do a second ferment on the leftover rice (need to research what kind of yeast) with sticky raw brown sugar. I’m totally going to do this.

Phedre commented on my Yogurt recipe at GBG that she clabbers raw milk and makes yogurt with that, so of course I poured a pint of milk into a jar and clabbered the hell out of it. I’m just not sure what to do with it now. It’s sitting on the counter all clabbery.

The only other thing that I’m going to try to do soon, is start an Etsy shop for all of our old crap that parents saved for us from our childhood, with which they have now burdened us. This sounds like a good winter project. I just wish my conscience would let me discard G.I. Joes from the early 1960s. I’ve already started de-cluttering the house and we took a bunch of stuff to Goodwill this weekend.


Bitch & Moan & Grumble & Groan (Part 4)


Across the street from our house is a Mexican family we never see, an empty house, a habitat full of Huge Manatees, a meth house, and another Mexican family that we never see. The empty house is occasionally occupied with the most annoying people that glare at us when we see them. There are a revolving door of disgruntled assholes with fucked up friends that try their damndest to destroy our property.

The Huge Manatees are truly huge ambling beasties. There was originally about 5 of them in the two bedroom house that they “built themselves”. They obviously used all their capabilities “building their own house” because they have been unable to do anything since. Seriously, they can barely figure out how to open the car door, squeeze themselves in, & drive down the road. Working is out of the question. The government supplies them with fresh cars every couple of months and an obviously never-ending supply of food. Volunteers come mow their yard during the summer because they are incapable.

For Thanksgiving they had another family come for an extended visit and then a second family visited for Christmas. We are waiting for those two families to leave, but alas. There are currently about 12 enormous manatees living in a 1000 sqft house. Their toilet must be super-heavy-doody. Their floor is hopefully a thick concrete slab heavily reinforced because it has about 4800lbs waddling around on it.

The meth house is occupied by an endless stream of semi-homeless. Don’t try to report their meth activities to the police because the police will inform you that it is a “known meth house” and therefore just fine. The cops are busy with unknown meth houses, so we will just have to wait. Every so often one of the semi-homeless will stroll over to see what they can steal, but then they see the security cameras and amble on back. There aren’t utilities at the meth house, so I imagine the shit is literally piling up.

The saga continues…

Bitch & Moan & Grumble & Groan (Part 3)


I have been looking for a new (to me) house for the past 4 or 5 years, but have had no luck finding one that wasn’t either formidably expensive or falling down, and now there is no way I would ever be able to get a loan because realistically I no longer have a job in any sense that a bank would recognize. Having an 800+ credit score means nothing if you are not getting a paycheck from a bona fide employer.

I have a house right now, but it is a wreck. The yard is a wreck. My only tree is a wreck. I have no driveway except a dirt slope leading to the house. There is no fence so stray dogs wander around and shit all over my yard. There is no grass in the yard anymore from driving on it. There is some small animal living in my crawl space. My life is literally falling apart. I am trying really hard to give a damn, but am unable to muster concern.

I hate my neighbors. On one side is a chick that was fine until she decided to start feeding cats on her front porch. All cats everywhere. Tons of cats – millions of cats. Cats pissing all over our front & back porches. Fucking cats. My beleaguered husband has started taking pot shots at them with a BB gun. At least he is getting a little entertainment from the cat onslaught.

On the other side are Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee. They are a couple that is not much older in years than I am but waaaayyyyy older in appearance. They are indistinguishable from each other as they amble aimlessly around their back yard. They are both about 5 feet tall, as wide as they are tall, with short white hair. One of them, the male, Dum, had a major stroke a couple of years ago & now only grunts and throws little ineffectual temper tantrums. We are hoping and praying for their untimely deaths.

We hate them because they are such assholes. They have about 8 or 9 dogs & one of the dogs, a collie, barks at EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. It has a totally piercing bark that you cannot drown out. Usually it barks this howling mournful loud bark at very regular intervals throughout the entire day. Husband has started shooting it in the ass with his Daisy, also.

The saga continues…