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Busy, Not Bloody

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For some reason I thought that 1/31/13 was the end of my busy period, but I forgot about all of the various audits & tax stuff I have to prepare. I’m still digging myself out of the mounds of paper from last month. When I was a child someone should have told me that my future was sitting in a corner crunching numbers*.

I’m trying to be more sociable online because it is so easy for me to hide in my little world inside my head. Online is less intimidating because I’m not really a real person, I’m just some commenter with a teacup. One problem is that I rarely have anything to say & the other problem is that when I do comment I generally sound excessively earnest & alarmingly overenthusiastic. Gah.

[* I could have ended it then, lol]

Busy, Busy


Still haven’t finished with all of my year end work & my desk is covered with huge piles of paper in various states of triage. The worst piles are the ones that have no time limit. Gah. Paper sucks. Anyway, I thought I’d take a break from 1099s & drop in for a quickie.

So, less than a week after I came to my senses & returned to the Drinker’s Diet, I have lost the 10lbs I gained on the Potato Diet. I’m sure it’s all water weight, but say it is, then why would you eat carbs if they made you take on water weight? Huh? I once again look fabulous!

Was talking to a friend about preparing for retirement & she mentioned that I could probably drag my ass into the office for another 20 years until I’m a proper retirement age. She seemed startled when I asked, “Who wants to?” Why would I want to work until then? I mean, I could totally see having an easy part-time job at a small company, maybe.

Of course this chick just dropped $300K on a monster house & God knows what $$ on a brand new Mercedes, so even though she is only a decade behind me, she is nowhere near any sort of work slowdown. She’s generally pretty savvy, though; she is the one who advised me to negotiate up when my job imploded.

[Edit: Also, I can just barely navigate WordPress & I just saw I had comments. Eeek! Now I’m going to attempt to retrieve them. Wish me Luck! [2nd Edit: Hahaha, they are all Spam. Hilarious!]]