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The Lost Art of Lying


I’m a terrible liar; I learned early in life that I was no good at it, so I gave up trying. The problem is that the truth just pops out most of the time. The one thing I don’t have a problem with is lying to authority figures. In high school, I was extremely good at coming up with fantastic stories on why I missed a class. I got so good at it that I pretty much skipped school constantly with no repercussions.

The reason I’m bringing this up is the looming switch from paper medical records to a digital database under Obamacare. Now, there have been all kinds of reports saying that doctors are required to ask you if there is a gun in your home or how many sexual partners you have had or are currently having. I’ve read conflicting stories on the NRA getting most of the most damning language out of the new law, and I really don’t have time to research the whole topic, so I’m not going to delve into that.

The main thing is that now there really is a permanent record. You say something once to your doctor and it is put into the database forever more. A lot of people think that doctors are there to help them and that if you don’t tell your doctor about your alcohol/drug/tobacco use, they won’t be able to properly treat any ailments that crop up because of that use. This is a fallacy.

Doctors are not here to help you. Doctors are glorified pill and surgery salespeople. Sure, there are about 10% of all doctors that try really hard to help, and they have their heart in the right place, but they still try to push statins and blood pressure medication on healthy people “just in case”. Plus, if you read medical journals from the 1970s, you will see that the medical community and their pharmaceutical overlords keep lowering the bar for cholesterol and blood pressure, so that more people can be prescribed pills.

Now that your medical records are in a database for eternity, and all your medical expenses are soon to be socialized, your bad behavior will eventually be punished. I advocate lying. If a doctor asks you if you drink, say NO. If they ask whether or not you smoke, say NO. If they ask if there’s a gun in the house, say NO. All information you give them will eventually be used to determine all kinds of things about you.

If they ask how many sexual partners you have had and you say “only my husband” then you are not toeing the liberal line of sluttitude and might be a dangerous radical. If you reply “50 or 60” then you are engaging in risky behavior and might be required to undergo invasive procedures. I think the best answer to that question is “4 but only my husband since marriage”. That is pretty ambiguous, and doesn’t raise any eyebrows. The goal here is to blend.

I do all kinds of things that are considered commonly-accepted dangerous behaviors: I sunbathe, I eat a ton of saturated fats, I intermittent fast instead of eating seven small meals a day, I shoot guns, I smoke, I drink, I drive fast, etc. There is no way I’m going to tell a doctor about any of those things. Heck, I pretty much refuse to see a doctor except when I break something or am in dire health.

Even though I am disgustingly healthy and in good shape, every time I did go to a doctor, they always wanted to prescribe me statins and blood pressure medication “just in case”. My blood pressure is very low, and I like cholesterol; my brain is the most cholesterol-rich organ in my body. I like my brain and its cholesterol, and I don’t want to take a drug that lowers that cholesterol.

How long will it be before refusing to take statins and blood pressure medication is considered risky behavior? What will happen if you defy your doctor? When doctors are government employees, how much power will they have over you? Think of doctors as if they are as powerful as IRS agents. Soon there will be three things you can’t avoid: Death, Taxes, and Forced Healthcare.

Blathering on about Nothing Important


There was a crisis at work yesterday that I handled as well as possible & now I’m just hanging out to see how it pans out. I did all I could & now everything is in others’ hands. Once they act, then I will be busy again. I don’t expect that to happen for a couple of hours.

I found a place about thirty minutes away that sells raw milk, so I want to go there this weekend. It will be annoying because I will have to deal with salespeople (the only thing I dislike doing as much as I dislike talking on the phone), but I’m willing to torture myself for some yummy yummy cream for my coffee & milk for yogurt. There is also a place in town with cheap ammo.

This has been a crazy busy two months so far at work, plus I launched this site. I mean, I know it is just a fluffy little blog & all, but the outpouring of response and support has been incredible. I think the manosphere has to be one of the most polite places I’ve ever experienced. Sure, there are little pissing matches here & there, but they blow over quickly & then this little corner of the internet goes back to 99% polite and helpful.

It was finally light out when I drove to work at 7:10 this morning. I’m getting really excited about Spring & Summer even though it was 31F & my car was frosted over. Last summer I took up sunbathing for about forty minutes for two or three afternoons a week. I also turned off my water heater for the entire summer. Cold showers are really only cold for the first five seconds, but those five seconds are killers!

It is all a part of Keoni’s Paleo Radiation Therapy & Richard’s Cold Therapy & Adaptation. Sunbathing really makes your skin tighter & the fat under your skin smoother. I’m older, so I really notice this, lol. I never got dark, but had a nice tan glow & some really awesome tan lines! The cold water thing just feels good in the summer; it feels as good as a hot shower in the winter. The only thing that is kind of annoying about not having hot water is rinsing out frying pans.

Anyway, the sun is streaming in my windows here at work & it is really nice & brightens my day considerably. I’m going to clean my office (it is a total wreck & I know there are a couple of deadlines somewhere in all those mounds of paper), handle the crisis fallout and kiss February goodbye. Then I have a 3-day weekend! Yay for me!