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Growing a Garden


This summer I am going to attempt a garden again. I tried it about 4 years ago & had good(ish) results, but then the next two years there was a terrible drought & the garden sucked massively. Last year I didn’t even try. Before I always did the container thing, but this year I am going to actually dig a garden, amend the soil, raise it a bit with the large rocks I have littering the yard, and buy plants instead of using seed.

I have a small area in full sun picked out & I plan on going with 2 tomato plants, various hot peppers, onions, garlic & some spices like basil & rosemary. Another thing I am going to start is a compost heap. I’ll put it to the West by the neighbors I hate the most.

I know nothing about compost heaps, but luckily this box in front of me with the pretty pictures & lots of words will tell me how. Funny thing is that after being forced to pay for recycling (I was not going to pay but now I have no choice – we always did the aluminum recycling because it paid us) the only trash I have is a small amount of food waste.

Being low carb means that I really don’t have that much vegetable food waste (& most of that goes into the bone broth bag in the freezer), so hopefully I can use some of the old bones from after I make broth & stuff like that. There will be plenty of yard trimmings at any rate.