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Current Diet and Exercise


I’ve been on Dr. Illusion’s one meal a day plan for just over a week (except Saturday when I had a humongous piece of chicken in addition to my regular meal), and it’s funny because I’m no longer hungry for lunch. If I do get hungry, I’ve found that a cup of hot green tea (no sweetener) usually takes care of my pangs. For the last few years I often only have a cup of homemade bone broth for lunch or maybe even a cup of raw whole milk.

It’s just such a pain to have to figure out what to take to work for lunch, and there’s no way I’m blowing $8 on some greasy take out or fast food. I’m super hungry for dinner, which is the only meal my husband eats anyway, so I might eat an entire T-bone with some rice. That meal, some heavy raw cream in my coffee for breakfast, and a few beers at the bar pretty much takes care of my daily caloric needs.

Tonight I have planned a dinner of two strip steaks cut in thin strips and marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil, stir fried in coconut oil with onions, garlic, peas and some rice I made yesterday flavored with turmeric, ginger and cumin. Since I cooked and cooled the rice, it will have a lot of resistant starch, so I will just throw it in at the last minute to warm it up because I’ve read (I don’t know where – it was a while ago) that you can heat a starch up to 120F before it starts to reduce the RS.

I also have some homemade yogurt to plop on top of the rice – the flavor goes so well with the turmeric and cumin. So yummy; we had a tester of the stir fried rice last night with some ribeyes that I pan fried with coconut oil after marinating in bourbon.

I have started in earnest, an exercise routine that seems to be working well for me. My husband found me the most adorable little 15lb kettlebell, so I have started doing some swings with it. I’m starting out slow because I’m old and don’t want to hurt myself. I’m doing the swings that start in a squat with the KB between my legs, swing the KB up to the ceiling (narrowly missing the ceiling fan – yay for 9ft ceilings) and swing back down to the squat. If the soreness in my abs and upper shoulders is any indication, it is a good workout.

I’m also doing a bunch of squats for my butt. Squats work so fast! Seriously, a week after I started doing them, my butt was noticeably rounder. It was amazing. I’m still using the ancient SoloFlex in rotation with the other exercises, and it is set up for my husband, so it is really hard to push that bar upward.

That and a little work with a couple of 10lb dumbbells is the extent of my workout. I’m not looking to really reduce much (if I did that would be great) but I want to reshape a few areas. Mostly I want to smooth out my waist area and inner thighs, which are looking a little droopy 😦 I might even resort to doing a few lunges or even invest in a Thigh Master (LOL;jk).


I’ve been so busy lately, I mean sure, I still have time to hold down a barstool, but there is a lot going on right now. We had a storm a while back and the neighbor’s tree took down their crappy make-do fence and is now laying in our yard. Have they done anything to remove it? Yes, they cut down two more and left them in our yard.

These are super crappy neighbors. Anyway, it is pretty much up to us to fix this mess because there ain’t no blood in them there turnips. We could get shitty (like them), but we decided to make lemonade instead. When we moved into this house, they already had haphazardly strung a fence between some trees (the ones that are now down plus another one – we live in the old part of town and it is pretty ramshackle); we have been trying to figure out how to build a real fence.

They have about 500 tiny dogs and the most obnoxious Collie in the world, so it was going to be difficult to get a fence built, plus the fact that they were going to fight us every inch of the way. Now that it’s war, we have decided that we are going to work our way from the back to front, take down all of the trees (and stack the wood for our wood stove; Hello Winter!), clean out all of the brush and erect the tallest fence that we legally can. I’m thinking something nice like 8’ corrugated tin, lol.

We’ve also been pouring a patio section by section and we only have one final section to go. My husband mixes and I finish; it’s really good exercise (ouch). We had roofed our back porch last fall, and it already had a wall around it, so we are planning on installing some windows and effectively adding 250 square feet on to our house. This may have to happen after Vegas in October.

A month ago or so, I started being a moderator at RedPillWoman subreddit and that took up a lot of time for a little while. Now I’m actively involved with Girls Being Girls and that is taking up some of my time, and of course this blog here that has taken a back seat to my other pursuits. There are also all of my little experiments that are always running in the background.

Tonight I was planning on straining my latest batch of rice beer and fortuitously a commenter just this morning informed me that in Nepal they do a second ferment on the leftover rice (need to research what kind of yeast) with sticky raw brown sugar. I’m totally going to do this.

Phedre commented on my Yogurt recipe at GBG that she clabbers raw milk and makes yogurt with that, so of course I poured a pint of milk into a jar and clabbered the hell out of it. I’m just not sure what to do with it now. It’s sitting on the counter all clabbery.

The only other thing that I’m going to try to do soon, is start an Etsy shop for all of our old crap that parents saved for us from our childhood, with which they have now burdened us. This sounds like a good winter project. I just wish my conscience would let me discard G.I. Joes from the early 1960s. I’ve already started de-cluttering the house and we took a bunch of stuff to Goodwill this weekend.


Adventures in the Kitchen


I’ve become really good at pan frying T-bones in coconut oil. The first one I did was a major fail because I followed instructions & cooked the crap out of it. The T-bones I am able to get are just shy of an inch thick & I’ve finally perfected the cooking process.

We always split them & I like more rare & my husband likes medium to a little more well-done, so we compromise. Let the steak come to room temperature & slather with melted coconut oil. Sprinkle one side liberally with salt & pepper & put that side down in a hot, dry skillet.

I use cast iron & heat on medium heat until you toss water into the pan & it sizzles for a second before evaporating. Let the steak sizzle for 4 minutes without touching it. Then you might have to scrape it off with your spatula, salt & pepper the other side & turn & cook for another 4 minutes. Only do 3 minutes per side if you like it less done. Then I deglaze the pan with some butter, scrape up all the browned bits & fry up a mess of eggs.

Last week I started a batch of rice wine, and now I’m afraid to try it. It’s fermenting & smells alcoholic, but I did have to scoop some fuzzy mold-looking stuff off the top. Lol, do you think it will harm me? I followed some instructions that said to boil rice & water, cover & ignore for 7-10 days. I’ll don my big girl panties & try it (in a day or two). I’m going to try making it again, but this time I’m going to use Ben The Urban Farmer’s recipe.

I have also been experimenting with trying to make yogurt with raw milk. I made one batch & it got kind of funky really fast. I don’t think the naturally occuring bacteria in the raw milk liked the added bacteria from the culture much. So, off I went to the store for some new yogurt to use as starter.

I decided that I was going to go ahead & pasturize (heat) the raw milk to make yogurt. Here’s my thinking on that: I drink the raw milk & put the raw cream in my coffee, so I’m getting plenty of that bacteria in my system. I want yogurt to use as sour cream & etc, but I’m not willing to go to extreme lengths to do so. Also, the yogurt will have its own cultures, so I am getting that benefit.

The raw milk is made grassfed without antibiotics or additives & isn’t UHT like store-bought, so even though I’m destroying most of the bacteria, at least I’M doing it & not some nameless, faceless corporation that really, really wants to put aspertame in it but not in the list of ingredients. Anyway I made some yogurt last night & it looked fine this morning.

Odds & Ends


Ack, waiting around for the insurance auditor to show up, so that I can figure out if I have to go all battle-axe on him, if I have to giggle like I don’t have a brain, or if I can be a normal person. It’s not the audit itself that is torturous, it is the having a total stranger in my office for 3 hours thing.

Small talk, yuk. Luckily, introverts tend towards excruciating things like auditing, but the problem with that is some take their jobs waaaaay too seriously. Those are the ones I have to go all battle-axe on. If it is an extrovert I’ll have to giggle, which is wearing in a completely different way. [Awesome, he seems to be completely normal, which means I can be normal. Still wearing, though]

I’m still up to my eyeballs in work & it doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon. Sure, I goof off like nobody’s business, so it’s probably mostly my fault for being behind. I’m trying to care, but failing. Every time I turn around the powers that be are complicating my job. This is probably a good thing though because I’m not sure anyone could easily figure this stuff out. My brain seems to have an extremely high tolerance for numbers & details.

Changing the subject…

I’ve recently gone back from eating safe starches (not sure if there is such a thing for me) to very low carb & it is really working out for me. I seem to have a lot of inflammation where carbs are concerned. We made stir fry with veggies, chicken, coconut oil & rice & my face was hot to the touch all the next day. If I eat everything in the meal but the rice, I’m fine. My husband, on the other hand, seems to do really well with carbs.

My diet now consists of a lot of bone broth & fat with some protein & small amounts of veggies. I have started drinking raw whole milk before bed & raw heavy cream in my coffee in the morning & some homemade yogurt at lunch.

I haven’t made yogurt with my raw milk yet because I still have some of the other, but I think the only difference is with pasteurized you heat it up to 180F to kill anything living in it & then let it cool to 115F to add the culture & with raw you only heat it to 115F so you DON’T kill anything in it & then add the culture.

Changing again…

I’ve decided that menopause is all about zinc for me. When I first started ‘pausing & skipping periods, I had hot flashes all the time. Then I stupidly went on a potato diet & messed my body up massively. I bled profusely for about 2-1/2 weeks until I figured out that it was caused by zinc deficiency due to copper toxicity from the potatoes.

I started carefully taking as much zinc as I thought my body could safely handle & quit bleeding. Whew. Then I noticed that I don’t have hot flashes anymore. Now I seem to be successfully on my way to never having a period again! Whenever I have a hot flash or a hint of a period, I take zinc for a couple of days & it stops. Do you know how to never have a period again? Buy about $100 worth of sanitary products! Yay, I’m fully stocked up! Hopefully I will never have to use any of them!

Gut Flora


Here’s a good health reason to kiss skinny people.

After all, gain or loss of weight changes gut flora, obese individuals have damaged gut flora, and trading gut flora between fat and lean animals, trades weight gain/loss behaviors.

I’ve been fascinated with bacteria’s role in the body ever since I discovered how they work in helping digest food, etc. Even my failed experiment playing with resistant starch taught me that you needed bacteria in the colon & the colon likes RS.

I’ve been making my own yogurt for quite a few years but that only provides the bacteria that came with the original yogurt starter. There are something like 2000 species of gut bacteria & yogurt provides about 5 of them.

I do go to the Asian market & get Kimchi. I would make my own, but I think it’s best to get some of the bacteria from sources outside my house. Also, if you can find an authentic Mexican restaurant, they will generally ferment their salsa. You can tell by how bubbly & carbonated it is. If it doesn’t pop on your tongue it isn’t fermented.

And you know what else is fermented? BEER! My favorite food! Of course the stuff I quaff has been stripped clean of anything beneficial, but I would like to start making my own soon.

The article goes on to say how to obtain sources of beneficial bacteria & it contains a lot of suggestions like: DON’T WASH YOUR HANDS SO DAMN MUCH! You know, like maybe quit sanitizing everything so much. Dig in the dirt, grow your own veggies & herbs & then don’t wash them before eating them raw.

This is why you should kiss skinny healthy people – they generally have the proper gut bacteria to process their food & not become obese. They are probably not eating a ton of the foods that reduce gut flora in the first place like highly processed crap in a box/bag.

Sources of Bacteria to Repair Damaged Gut Flora

* We must eat new bacteria in order to replace bacterial species lost by antibiotics or unhealthy diets.
* Probiotics — specialized bacteria that grow in milk products
* Spices and herbs — plant products abundantly contaminated with bacteria that digest plants
* Fresh vegetables — bacteria are on the surfaces of plants unless the vegetables are cleaned or cooked
* Fermented foods — Bacterial growth leading to acid or alcohol production has beed used in the preparation and storage of many foods and provides a rich bacterial resource.
* Environment — Bacteria are transferred to our hands and face from other people, pets and surfaces, unless hands and the body are continually washed. Sanitizers and frequent washing of hands and surfaces eliminate acquisition of environmental bacteria to repair damaged gut flora. Social isolation and hygiene block repair of gut flora.
* Replacement — experimental replacement of damaged with healthy gut flora (fecal transplant) has been very effective in curing many diseases without significant risks, but is restricted by the medical industry.

Resistant Starch (contd) + Yogurt Recipe


It’s weird how I can be hungry and full at the same time. I’m trying to get a little resistant starch with every meal, but because of the RS, I’m not really eating many meals. I am farting like a crazy person though & I may never quit pooping.

I read that the farts are from the RS being fermented in my large intestine, so I decided that tomorrow I will bring a baked & cooled potato to work and eat it with some homemade yogurt to get some probiotic with my prebiotic. Bacteria Ahoy!

Making Greek yogurt is laughingly easy. I start this in the evening. First you start out with a half-gallon fresh whole milk & a cup of heavy cream (just because) and heat to 180F. You will know when it is close because it will get nice & frothy – do not boil!

When it gets up to temp, fill a mug with it, add a small amount of cocoa & a tiny amount of sugar, cinnamon & nutmeg & stir well. Give to your husband because he really likes hot chocolate. Pour the rest of the hot milk into the crock from your crockpot (or, you know, any container, I guess) and let cool to 115F.

Add a starter yogurt – the last 3 tablespoons of your last batch & stir well. Cover with lid & put in a cooler and wrap towels around it. The trick is to let it cool as slowly as possible so it’s nice & warm for the culture to multiply. Go to bed.

Get up in the morning & pour the yogurt into a colander that is lined with a tea towel & set in a lasagna pan (for drainage). Make sure the tea towel is not hanging out of the pan or it will leak all over the place! Put in fridge to drain. Go to work.

Come home from work and spoon your yummy yogurt into a couple of mason jars. Chow massively!